Why You Need a Website & Not Just a Free Facebook Account

Hundreds, if not thousands, of social media and networking platforms are available online and there has been plenty of speculation if business owners need their own website outside of these venues. Whether one chooses our service or another, we want to stress the point, you absolutely need a website! Here's why:


Anyone can start a Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter account. They all essentially look the same, lacking customization, and taking the cheap route of only going with free services does very little to influence new potential clients.

If you're only going to do one thing: a website or Facebook, you're much better off with a website. You don't get lost in the mix, you stand out from the crowd, and if you forget to post after a week or more, it doesn't come across as blatantly obvious. Social media platforms should be used in tandem with, not as the sole vehicle of, your online marketing experience.

Build Credibility

Not just "standing out" but solidifying an image that you are a credible, long-term business. A unique website allows you to shape that image and build the reputation that you want others to perceive.


Social network platforms still get lost in the mix with search engine algorithms. Google and others index each page of your website, including products you may feature, which strengthens your web presence and makes it easier for strangers to find you.

You're Always In Control

We won't ever dismiss social media platforms. They really do a great service of bringing people and ideas together. Used in tandem with a unique website, they're great to have. But you have no genuine control how places like facebook are laid out.. or how many letters and words in a post will display to your audience.


You can always post an item that comes through your store to Facebook, but you can't really manage it. It gets lost in the mix fast! With inventory management, you can post and remove what you want, when you want, within seconds. And you can always use social media tools to announce your products right through your site!


A well-organized site is easy to navigate. Those in the antiques sales business know they'll get all types of visitors to their websites and many of them just aren't skilled with navigating facebook's rather complex set-up (some are downright uninterested and they navigate to a store that does have an actual website). Regardless of the skill level, your unique site makes it much easier for visitors to discover whatever information they are seeking.